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What are the benefits?


Vanuatu Passports


Visa free access to over 130 Countries


The Vanuatu Passport allows the holder visa free (or Visa on arrival) access to  over 100 countries including the UK and UK Territories, Russia and India. 

Apply for eVisa online for visit to Australia 

Another benefit with a Vanuatu Passport is that it qualifies a holder when for applying online for an eVisa (e600 class visitor visa) to enter Australia. (Meaning that the passport does not need to be sent to an Australian Embassy to obtain a visa for entry and applications can be processed online.

Live and reside in Vanuatu

Once approval is granted to an applicant under the REO Program and the Applicant has paid all amounts under the Program, as a Vanuatu Citizen, they will be entitled to reside in Vanuatu with the members of their family.


Vanuatu Citizens pay no personal or corporate income tax, no death duties and no Capital Gains Tax.


No foreign exchange control.  Capital funds can be moved in and out of the country without restriction.


Dual Citizenship is allowed, meaning Vanuatu does not require an applicant under the REO Program to surrender their existing Citizenship Vanuatu maintains a stable political environment with strong legal system and Judiciary.

Live and work in Australia for up to three years under the Pacific Labour Mobility Scheme (PALM)

The Pacific Australia Labour Mobility (PALM) scheme is the Australian Government's new streamlined, integrated approach to our Pacific worker programs.


There are two streams:

Pacific Labour Scheme (PLS) 

The PLS enables eligible employers to recruit low and semi-skilled workers for between one and 3 years in any sector in rural and regional Australia. The program commenced in July 2018 following a successful pilot in northern Australia and is administered by DFAT, with the support of the Pacific Labour Facility. Workers are currently placed in a range of sectors including meat processing, agriculture, aged care, accommodation, fisheries and forestry.


Seasonal Workers Program (SWP)

Under the SWP, workers can be employed for up to 9 months in the agriculture sector, as well as the accommodation sector in rural and regional areas. Workers can return in following years. The Department of Education, Skills and Employment (DESE) administers the SWP. Since it commenced in 2012, the program has helped fill more than 50,000 seasonal jobs, supporting both our Pacific family and the economic activity and competitiveness of rural and regional Australia.

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